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The Parlandos

The Parlandos

"Once upon a time Parlandos haphazardly invented their Pelicana Sound®. Soothing sounds, exotic rhythms, melancholic melodies, drenched in sixties and rock 'n roll music. Purely instrumental.

Parlandos hail from Amsterdam. That's about all we know. Rhythm guitarist Alfredo ('Freddie') Parlando and solo guitarist Coco supposedly are brothers. With alto saxophone player Anna ('Annie') Orala they formed the first line-up of Parlandos. Drum 'n bass are courtesy of 'Phat' Pete, regularly spotted in the Skidmarks & Check 1-2, and former Treble Spanker Maarten 'Mad Murph' H. Block. Trumpet player Sjef Costello joined Parlandos while recording their debut album Camping Jazz.

Parlandos' Pelicana Sound® leads the listener to heavenly areas of incense, tequila and camping gazz."



Fred van Eck, Camping Gazzette

© Peter van Roon


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