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Rare footage of Los Tiki Boys spicing up a wedding party in Profondeville, Belgium, way back in 1973.

A guy named Paul shot some cool film with his groovy Fuji Super 8mm camera. The 1/4 inch Ampex tape recording was enhanced at Hok P sound studios, giving you the full experience of the musical excitement - what Los Tiki Boys are all about!


Los Tiki Boys know how to play surf music in the now-style!
Maple Joe apparently chewed some spiked gum, so this videoclip turned out to be quite trippyyy. Freddie Parlando also must have been on acid when he wrote this spaced out stomper. And Marco Buschman is responsible for the outta sight whacky footage,
Gogo girl groovy action courtesy of Miss Whips & Fay Loren.

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